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Consistently given 4 & 5 star reviews on Amazon.com & Amazon.de.

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“Finally, a handbook for understanding Germans (and it’s funny)!” – Angloinfo.com

“If you are a traveler visiting Germany, if you are a foreigner living in Germany, if you fell in love with a German or are just curious about Germany, then definitely yes, you should read this book” – SmarterGerman.com

“…I wish this had been around before I moved to Germany!” – Karilogue.com

“…to the point, and very well explained.” – BlackgirlinBerlin.com

“…I couldn’t help but take a big liking to this book.” – TheBerlinishJournal.com

“the perfect read if you are an expat in Germany or if your partner is German.” – iTravel4life.com

“whilst being a very funny read, it really does actually give the reader great advice at the same time” – Moselmusings.com

“Well-written and light-hearted, this little book is a delight to read!” – Language Muscle

“All in all, it’s a hilarious book, which also offers advice, and whether you plan to visit Germany for a few days or live there for a few years, it’s definitely worth a read.” – Daily Emilie

“…a great little read with a lot of interesting insights.” – YourdailyGerman.com

“Reading this charming book one leaves with a fondness for a misunderstood country” –  Soccerphile.com list of books about Germany.

“…this is not a serious dissertation on German cultural practices, but a lighthearted and fond look at the country’s eccentricities…Frank and Cave were careful to provide a little more depth where needed. They broke down stereotypes where they didn’t match with real life, and brought some insightful cultural context to other sections. ” – The American Faultier


Living in Berlin Experience by James Cave! – Beroomers.

What do you mean, not all men sit down to pee? – multicoolty.com